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English-Hindi > ask after" sentence in Hindi

ask after in a sentence

1.Snowbirds tell Mrs . Iacono about their grandchildren and ask after hers.

2.A woman asks after her father, her mother, and her true-love John.

3.Not a bad question to ask after a jingoistic, chauvinistic and self-absorbed week.

4.Joe then goes to a snooker club where he asks after Liam's whereabouts.

5.Is that too much to ask after everything I've been through?

6.It's poetic when the Statue of Liberty inscription asks after the huddled masses.

7.Everyone rejoices, including Grace, until she asks after the thief's name.

8.The stationmaster, Mr Barrell, asks after Mrs Rooney s health.

9.Lori asks after Boone, but is rebuffed by Lylesburg and scared off by Peloquin.

10.When Muhammad returned from Uhud, the women began to ask after the battle casualties.

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