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English-Hindi > ask after" sentence in Hindi

ask after in a sentence

21.He learned to count to ten in Dari and how to ask after their health.

22.That's not the question you want to have to ask after a 33-win lottery-pick season.

23.You are so very kind to ask after me.

24."Everybody asks after the foreigners, and no one asks about the Afghans, " he said tearfully.

25.He asks after Selina ( Camren Bicondova ) and Ivy arranges a meeting for twenty dollars.

26.The final scene shows Tom visiting his old coach and house master to ask after Laura.

27."Is ( the storm ) behind us ? " someone asks after a light rain subsides.

28.De Bracy asks after Cedric's fair ward, Rowena.

29.Larson asks after one such revelation, a hype-inducing moment atypical of this mostly sober, authoritative report.

30.A woman asks after her mother, her father, her brother John, and her true love Willie.

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