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English-Hindi > ask after" sentence in Hindi

ask after in a sentence

41."Who will pay for all this ? " is the question most people ask after admiring the concept.

42.Later, she asks after him to another ambulance team, who refer to him as " the new guy ".

43.And Magellan software provides scripts that tell collectors which questions to ask after gathering each bit of new information.

44.If you ask after the check swing that they don't call, then the base umpire can call a strike.

45.The wife of a poor blacksmith spots baby Raju in the orphanage, asks after him and eventually adopts him.

46.The American people need to ask after a censure resolution has been passed : What justice has been done?

47.The one type of contraband the customs agents never forget to ask after is firearms, our most unsavory illicit export.

48.They'll ask after Cheers.

49.OUTPLACEMENT IS A MUST . The question everyone asks after a layoff is, " What do I do now ?"

50."It's hard to know that there is a January deadline to apply for a bowl if you ask after January,"

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