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English-Hindi > assonance" sentence in Hindi

assonance in a sentence

21.Later lines do not contain the same amount of symmetry but do rely on assonance and rhymes throughout.

22.Tolkien invented the meter, which consists of trisyllabic assonances, three in each set of four lines.

23.In an ensuing discussion between Dr . Bryant and Rita, he asks her whether she understands assonance.

24.This last feature ( assonance ) may suggest a connexion with the liturgical " Alleluia ".

25.Alliteration and assonance played a key role in structuring early Germanic, Norse and Old English forms of poetry.

26.The choice, according to Tazenda, of this name was because of an assonance with their own language.

27.Vring s German translation of the text of employs assonance and alliteration in a manner that recalls medieval poetry.

28.Peppering his speech with his characteristic collection of assonance and alliteration _ like " sicker and slicker,"

29.If we head north in the alphabet, and trade assonance for alliteration, might we be talking . ..

30.This system of assonance can be found in approximately a tenth of the lines of Keats's later poetry.

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