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English-Hindi > attainability" sentence in Hindi

attainability in a sentence

21.The poem's ambiguities concerning the speaker's ( not necessarily Blake's ) stance on the attainability or otherwise, and on the nature, of the " sweet golden clime " ( the West, Heaven, Eden ? ), have led to different, sometimes conflicting views of the poem.

22.While the name " Publica " was chosen with reference to the English phrase " public car ", referring to the cars intended attainability and popularity, due to the lack of exact distinction between the " l " and " r " consonants in Japanese the name can be sometimes misinterpreted as something closer to paprika.

23.In 2001, the quality of life of the Dalit population in India was statistically similar to that of the overall Indian population, on metrics such as access to health care, life expectancy, education attainability, access to drinking water and housing In 2010, Dalits received international attention due to a portrait exhibition by Marcus Perkins that depicted Dalits.

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