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English-Hindi > attractive forces" sentence in Hindi

attractive forces in a sentence

21.These charges assert an attractive force on opposite charges ( like ALL electric charge ).

22.These correlations may also induce attractive forces.

23.However, the concept of an attractive force acting at a distance received a cooler response.

24.Electrostatic interactions occur between charged molecules, which have repulsive or attractive forces between each other.

25.The relative importance of attractive forces decreases as temperature increases ( see effect on gases ).

26.This drags the solvent molecules along because of the attractive forces between ions and solvent molecules.

27.Alternatively, an attractive force that pushes the plates closer together can be said to exist.

28.The atoms exhibit attractive forces until a certain point and then experience repulsion from one another.

29.I can see how that would work for repulsive forces, but what about attractive forces?

30.Under the rules of quantum mechanics, a vacuum generates an attractive force between two metallic surfaces.

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