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English-Hindi > attractive forces" sentence in Hindi

attractive forces in a sentence

31.When a gas is compressed to increase its density, the influence of the attractive force increases.

32.In Newton's model, gravity is the result of an attractive force between massive objects.

33.Under Newton's model, gravity was the result of an attractive force between massive objects.

34.An atom experiences an attractive force with all nearby atoms according to the Lennard-Jones potential.

35.Temperature is the measure of thermal energy, so increasing temperature reduces the influence of the attractive force.

36.Parts of this diagram represent distances, other parts gravitational accelerations ( attractive forces per unit mass ).

37.Flocculation is when the oil droplets cluster due to weak attractive forces such as van der Waals interactions.

38.The attractive force is not overcome by the repulsive force, but by the thermal energy of the molecules.

39.Salt administration may help prevent attractive force to keep water in the bloodstream, preventing fluid buildup in tissue.

40.Also, for a symmetric state with two quarks with two different colors, you get an attractive force.

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