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English-Hindi > attractive forces" sentence in Hindi

attractive forces in a sentence

41.Consequently, for attractive forces, the resonance frequency of the cantilever decreases ( as described by the equation ).

42.The AC electric field gives rise to attractive forces between water droplets and increases the probability of coalescence at contact.

43.In paramagnetic and ferromagnetic substances the weak diamagnetic force is overcome by the attractive force of magnetic dipoles in the material.

44.B, each body is subject to an attractive force, where } } is the " universal gravitational constant ".

45.A stronger attractive force was postulated to explain how the atomic nucleus was bound despite the protons'mutual electromagnetic repulsion.

46.Is it possible that I can detect a small attractive force between two staffs when I spin them close and parallel?

47.As the sampling begins, the tip is moved close to the sample which creates a weakly attractive force between them.

48.This force is due to the ability of the water to contact the tip, thus creating an undesirable attractive force.

49.While compass surveying, the magnetic needle is sometimes disturbed from its normal position under the influence of external attractive forces.

50.:To a first approximation, there is no attractive forces between gas molecules, see Kinetic Molecular Theory and Ideal gas.

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