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English-Hindi > attractively" sentence in Hindi

attractively in a sentence

41.The temple has been attractively constructed and looks exquisite.

42.The attractively yellow-patterned wood is hard and suitable for making rulers.

43.Arrange remaining frozen peach slices attractively on top.

44.The trip is conducted by attractively nonprofessional presenters.

45.They feature lots of distorted figures, and rather attractively unified use of colors.

46."Scandinavian banking stock are still attractively valued, " he said.

47.Venezuelan stocks rose for a third session as investors cheered attractively-priced shares.

48.That modest increase will keep Toyota's products attractively priced, analysts said.

49.Delectable hors d'oeuvres are attractively arranged, their artistry and aroma beckoning.

50.Elisabeth Comeaux sings simply and attractively as Tiny.

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