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English-Hindi > attractor" sentence in Hindi

attractor in a sentence

41.Describing the attractors of chaotic dynamical systems has been one of the achievements of chaos theory.

42.The attractors ( stable fixed points ) of the equations are equivalent with evolutionarily stable states.

43.A cosmic string is made into a loop and creates the phenomenon of the Great Attractor.

44.In order to do so one has to prove that the system only has one attractor.

45.The strange attractor in this case is a fractal of Hausdorff dimension between 2 and 3.

46.All orbits converge to the origin, which is a global attractor, when \ rho.

47.The time it takes to reach an attractor is called " transient time ".

48.When the control parameter is actually changed, the chaotic attractor is shifted and distorted somewhat.

49.But is it known whether the observed global climate attractor is " unique "?

50.Anglers wade the sand bars and shallow riffles casting imitations of scud, midge or other attractors.

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