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English-Hindi > auberge" sentence in Hindi

auberge in a sentence

11.You can also stay at auberges, or houses converted into hotels.

12.The auberges in Birgu remain, mostly undistinguished 16th-century buildings.

13.On the reverse the Portico of the Auberge de Castille is shown.

14.Auberge de Bavi�re is a large two-story building.

15.We leave the auberge and tiptoe past the pristine spa to our room.

16._Emile Henry Auberge 9-inch pie dish.

17.The auberge has been called " probably the finest building in Malta ".

18.Typical buildings from this era include Auberge de Castille and the Valletta Waterfront.

19.The auberge's courtyard was located at the rear of the building.

20.The interior of the two auberges remain mostly intact in their original state.

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