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English-Hindi > aurorae" sentence in Hindi

aurorae in a sentence

41.Jupiter's thermosphere is located at pressures lower than 1 ?bar and demonstrates such phenomena as airglow, polar aurorae and X-ray emissions.

42.My son is doing a project for school and has a print out of Paul Nicklen's " A Brilliant Aurorae over Grey Mountains " painting.

43.Public awareness of the uniqueness of " S . atra aurorae " has recently grown in the human communities of the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni.

44.The outflow occurs successively through several regions of chaotic terrain, Aurorae Chaos and Hydraotes Chaos, and finally through Simud Valles and Tiu Valles into Chryse Planitia.

45.The largest documented storm occurred in 1859 . It induced currents strong enough to short out telegraph lines, and aurorae were reported as far south as Hawaii.

46.Their location and brightness strongly depends on the Solar wind pressure : the aurorae become brighter and move closer to the poles when the Solar wind pressure increases.

47.The interaction between Saturn's magnetosphere and the solar wind generates bright oval aurorae around the planet's poles observed in visible, infrared and ultraviolet light.

48.It was not until the 1920s that scientists were beginning to identify and understand the emission lines in aurorae and of the sky itself, and what was causing them.

49.He obtained his PhD from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand in November, 1963, for research on optical emissions from the upper atmosphere ( airglow and aurorae ).

50.This profile becomes even more complex near Earth's magnetic poles, where the nearly vertical alignment and intensity of earth's magnetic field can cause physical effects like aurorae.

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