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English-Hindi > awning" sentence in Hindi

awning in a sentence

41.Above the awning the gable is clad with sheet metal panels.

42.To the street facade is an awning extending over the footpath.

43.The kitchen is connected to the rear verandah by an awning.

44.The hipped roof provides an awning for a covered porch area.

45.Openings to the south are protected with modest corrugated iron awnings.

46.Not on an awning, not on the cocktail napkins.

47.When she reached for the awning, however, the towel slipped.

48.Old houses were built with short doorways, angled awnings.

49.A once-elegant yellow awning bears the inscription Boutique Chez Nous.

50.A branch scratches the metal awnings outside our bedroom window.

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