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English-Hindi > b complex" sentence in Hindi

b complex in a sentence

11.Some doctors prescribe vitamin B complex, but there is no clear evidence that this helps.

12.At Davis, he helped determine the relationships among the B complex vitamins through experiments on chickens.

13.Her prescription : " Vitamin C, vitamin B complex and vitamin E before you go out.

14.In 2003, the forest around the lake was burned by the B & B Complex Fires.

15.How to deal with a B complex

16.The largest number of vitamins, the B complex vitamins, function as enzyme methylene groups in the cell.

17.Cherries are a good source of fiber and potassium as well as vitamins C and B complex.

18.A 1978 study examined the effect of sunlight on folate  a vitamin B complex  levels.

19._B complex vitamins help with stress.

20.She carries a bottle of Gatorade and a vitamin B complex to the theater in case she gets tired.

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