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English-Hindi > b complex" sentence in Hindi

b complex in a sentence

31.In August 2003, the area around Blue Lake was burned by the B & B Complex Fires, including most of Corbett State Park.

32.In 2007, interpretive exhibits describing the B & B Complex Fires and post-fire forest recovery were installed at three locations along Route 20.

33.He also contributed greatly to the identification of vitamin B complex and was co-author of more than 780 scientific papers on biochemistry and nutrition.

34.By the early 1930s, this same pigment had been isolated from a range of sources, and recognised as a component of the vitamin B complex.

35.Our pinyons are also richer in vitamins A and B complex and minerals than other pine nuts, an amazing 14 percent protein, and high in calcium.

36.The subunits form a membrane-bound cytochrome b complex with six transmembrane helices containing one heme b group and a ubiquinone-binding site, which can be seen in Image 4.

37.His research encompassed the vitamin B complex, microbiological methods of assay that quantify vitamins, bacterial growth factors and the biogenesis and metabolism of the DNA building blocks pyrimidines.

38.On 5 September, the Forest Service dispatched a " Burned Area Emergency Response Team " to begin evaluating the rehabilitation requirement for the B & B Complex Fires.

39.However, as the airport has continued to incrementally expand through its modern history, some of the original architectural intent of the Concourse A and B complex has been lost.

40.During her preparation for the lecture in Australia, Jablonski found a 1978 study that examined the effects of ultraviolet light on folate, a member of the vitamin B complex.

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