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English-Hindi > babe in arms" sentence in Hindi

babe in arms in a sentence

11."Babes in Arms " and " National Velvet ."

12.With Lorenz Hart ( 1895-1943 ), Rodgers wrote such hits as " Babes in Arms,"

13.The babe in arms grows into the young adult.

14.I found a musical cast recording of " Babes in Arms " for just $ 7.95.

15.Stars of those games were mere babes in arms _ 23-year-old Carl Lewis, 21-year-old Rebecca Twigg.

16."` Babes in Arms'needs an absolutely new book,"

17.Musicals ( " Babes in Arms, The Boy Friend " ) were added in the early 1960s.

18.But if we are babes in arms,

19.Some of them are babes in arms.

20.He was also in revivals of " Abie's Irish Rose " and " Babes in Arms ."

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