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English-Hindi > babe in arms" sentence in Hindi

babe in arms in a sentence

21.This Weekend : " BABES IN ARMS,"

22.They impressed their choreographer, George Balanchine, who invited them to appear in " Babes in Arms ".

23.They call us babes in arms,

24.Won by a babe in arms.

25.I found a musical cast recording of " Babes in Arms " for just $ 7 . 95.

26.MC5 / " Babes in Arms"

27.But my parents took me out to restaurants from the time I was a little babe in arms.

28.The Sheriff decides to give them two weeks to put on the show ( Babes in Arms Reprise ).

29."Babes in Arms " and " On Your Toes " _ their musicals are rarely heard, much less seen.

30.Then his producing career took off, first with the Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney vehicles ( " Babes in Arms,"

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