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English-Hindi > babe in arms" sentence in Hindi

babe in arms in a sentence

41.More lead roles on Broadway followed, along with her stage directorial debut in 1985 on an off-Broadway production of " Babes in Arms ".

42.The song was subsequently used for the finale of the 1939 MGM musical " Babes in Arms ", starring Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney.

43."The King and I " and " The Sound of Music "-- will probably outlast Rodgers and Harts's big four : " Babes in Arms,"

44.However, New Yorkers didn't seem to be as crazy about the summer stock story, having just seen " Babes in Arms " the year before.

45.With the conclusion of filming, MGM kept Garland busy with promotional tours and the shooting of " Babes in Arms ", directed by Busby Berkeley.

46.Its radically revised plot retained only two songs from the original stage version  " Where or When " and " Babes in Arms ".

47.Ms . Ebersole brings an insouciant tang to " The Lady Is a Tramp, " from the hit-filled 1937 show " Babes in Arms ."

48.Kathleen Marshall's witty, utterly invigorating resurrection of " Babes in Arms, " the 1937 Rodgers and Hart musical, is almost too enjoyable for a theatergoer's good.

49.The Pensacola Little Theatre stages an impressive roster of plays and musicals, including crowd pleasers such as " Hair " and " Babes in Arms ."

50.The closest he came was in February when he appeared in " Babes in Arms, " part of the Encore musical concert series at City Center.

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