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English-Hindi > baby doctor" sentence in Hindi

baby doctor in a sentence

11.The premature babies doctors had labeled A, B and C emerged a minute apart, starting at 9 : 23 a . m.

12.The roster includes but is not limited to Baby Doctor Barbie, Spanish Teacher Barbie, Bowling Champ Barbie, Scuderia Ferrari Barbie and Sign Language Barbie.

13.In one of his books, famous baby doctor T . Berry Brazelton says not to feel guilty if you have tried everything you know and the baby continues to cry.

14.But then there's Benjamin Spock, the famous baby doctor, who was on the eight-oar crew team that won the gold in the 1924 Paris Games.

15."Dr . Spock : An American Life " is more than a well-researched biography of America's favorite baby doctor; it is fascinating social history that reads like a great adventure.

16.Worried, they consult their local physician, Dr . Beaudry, who has his suspicions, but calls in Dr . Basket, his old teacher and the best baby doctor in the South, to make an educated diagnosis.

17.A different survey of 1, 100 baby doctors carried out that same year by the American Academy of Pediatricians reported that a " substantial majority of physicians consider full-time day care harmful for children under age 4 ."

18.The baby doctor eventually emerged as a leading critic of the war in Vietnam and a champion of civil disobedience, and when he did, campus demonstrators began brandishing signs reading " I was raised on Dr . Spock ."

19.But now it's the baby doctor who needs help, according to his wife, who this week issued a highly unusual appeal for donations to subsidize costly home health care for the ailing 94-year-old pediatrician and author.

20.But hard as it may be to believe, Dr . Benjamin Spock, the man who has earned millions as America's favorite baby doctor, is apparently having trouble paying his medical bills despite a solid six-figure income last year.

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