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English-Hindi > baby doctor" sentence in Hindi

baby doctor in a sentence

21.""'Something the Lord Made " "'is a 2004 film about the black cardiac pioneer Vivien Thomas and his complex and volatile partnership with white surgeon Alfred Blalock, the world famous " Blue Baby doctor " who pioneered modern heart surgery.

22.In 1975, the baby doctors decided " there is no " absolute " medical indication for routine circumcision of the newborn, " a statement that was reiterated by the AAP and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the jointly published " Guidelines to Perinatal Care, " published in 1983.

23.Though abortion foes assert that these abortions have been done for non-medical purposes, most of the nation's baby doctors know that the reason for the procedure is to end a catastrophic pregnancy, such as when the fetus is not going to survive outside the womb due to severe deformities such as the absence of a brain.

24.Its contributors include Ethan Canin, one of today's best young writers ( he was a resident in internal medicine when his last book of stories, " The Palace Thief, " was published ); Richard Selzer ( " Raising the Dead " ), who retired as professor of surgery at Yale Medical School to write full-time; Perri Klass ( " Baby Doctor " ), Boston pediatrician and writer of short stories; Samuel Shem, a psychiatrist whose novel, " The House of God, " has sold more than a million copies; and Michael Palmer, who has practiced medicine for more than 20 years and whose latest medical thriller is " Critical Judgment ."

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