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English-Hindi > baby fat" sentence in Hindi

baby fat in a sentence

21.Duval lost the weight and baby fat, but he keeps gaining physical therapists and doctors.

22.When you look at his body, he still has a little baby fat on him.

23.He could because under many layers of emotional baby fat lurked a highly buffed athlete.

24.I was all pudgy cheeks and baby fat rolls.

25.Like his brother Kris at the same age, Josiah has some baby fat to shed.

26.Some of the husky baby fat boiled off his voice; it became leaner and more pointed.

27.One observer even said he saw " baby fat " on Vargas'young bones before Philbin arrived.

28.But even at 42, there's a hint of baby fat to his face, a choirboy innocence.

29.And the fact that I still had a roll of baby fat around my middle puzzled me.

30.Martz said he shed more than 20 pounds of baby fat, and listed him at 298 pounds.

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