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English-Hindi > baby fat" sentence in Hindi

baby fat in a sentence

31.He had some baby fat on him.

32.At PSV he shed the baby fat and added speed and mobility to his extraordinary ball-handling skills.

33.It's only natural for weight-conscious parents to push their kids to shed baby fat as early as possible.

34."They haven't lost their baby fat.

35.He never lost his baby fat.

36.Our parents called it baby fat.

37.A conditioning regimen over the long, long offseason rid him of what was left of his baby fat.

38.Baby fat isn't so cute anymore.

39.Sophomore Kenyon Coleman is the defensive line's anchor, a heavy burden for a 19-year-old just shedding his baby fat.

40.Todd McCarthy of " The Hollywood Reporter " said that in certain scenes, Lawrence displays " lingering baby fat ".

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