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English-Hindi > baby fat" sentence in Hindi

baby fat in a sentence

41.He is more than 6 feet tall now, and the baby fat that used to define his face is gone.

42.David and most of his fellow campers are naive, geeky boys who have barely begun to shed their baby fat.

43.As he grew into an awkward puberty, Willi moved from baby fat to, in his words, " really fat ."

44.Hingis, whose court sense is mature way beyond her years, must still get stronger and, yes, lose a little baby fat.

45.In high school, Shark loses his baby fat and matures into a rakishly handsome young man who strongly resembles Errol Flynn.

46.Both Hawke and Delpy have lost their baby fat; Hawke's face is chiseled by experience, while Delpy appears taut and wary.

47.It's not baby fat we're seeing but the soft, unformed look of people who have not quite grown into their faces.

48.But if he's a little behind the curve _ small, squeaky-voiced or slow to burn off his baby fat _ watch out.

49."When we first got him, " trainer Gary Lewis said of Jumron, " he still had a lot of baby fat on him.

50.Her appearance is much the same : a faded ingenue retaining remnants of baby fat; a pouty post-teen-ager, more presentable than devastatingly sexual.

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