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English-Hindi > babyhood" sentence in Hindi

babyhood in a sentence

21.The American fliers became high school kids again, and, Billy guesses, Hitler ultimately returns to babyhood.

22.Her younger sister suffered from babyhood from herpes encephalitis, using a wheelchair, and then dying at 11.

23.She was born Lavender Rosamund Marguerite Barnes, the nickname'Pinkie'apparently referring to her babyhood complexion.

24.Starting from babyhood, mothers and sisters pull the limbs of boys to make arms and legs long and lean.

25.Many new parents are going for a look that can live beyond babyhood and furniture that can be used for years.

26.We never had any children of our own, but we raised one of my brother's boys from babyhood.

27.For instance, Redgrave is the first Prospero I have seen who might have nurtured a daughter from babyhood to adolescence.

28.A glance at a shelf of modern classic titles for children from babyhood to early adolescence indicates how little has changed.

29.Herbert Morrison, MP for Lewisham South 1950 59, who lost sight of his right eye due to babyhood infection.

30.The nickname " Avi, " coined in babyhood by his twin sister, offers no clue to his identity.

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