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English-Hindi > badinage" sentence in Hindi

badinage in a sentence

11.Bitchy, creative, intelligent badinage is a good thing, part of the gasoline of fashion.

12.P . S . Captain Strange says his team's best badinage is yet to come.

13.He paints in broad strokes, uses jokes and badinage, and veers between impressive precision and imprecise impressionism.

14.I will then, with my cohorts, spout and spew tramp ribaldries, raucous rusticana and fecal badinage.

15.The badinage soon turns serious, and issues that were never spoken of when Mark was alive are finally aired.

16.As you might guess from his credits, Farrelly writes good locker-room badinage and good one-liners.

17.Not so, said several teammates who reported seeing what happened and hearing the classic locker-room badinage that followed.

18.From most players, this badinage after a 6-1, 6-3 drubbing would sound like insufferable youthful arrogance.

19.She can enjoy flirty badinage with the family friend Judge Brack ( Harris Yulin ), until the possibility of actual sexual contact hovers.

20.Nowadays we are more likely to have bullying badinage, like that leveled at George Stephanopoulos by John Sununu on " Crossfire :"

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