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English-Hindi > barrier beach" sentence in Hindi

barrier beach in a sentence

11.The fine barrier beaches are a recreational attraction.

12.The barrier beach habitat of Quicksand Pond is a potential suitable nesting site for the American oystercatcher.

13.But on that winter day 15 years ago, a storm punched a whole through the barrier beach.

14.The refuge protects various kinds of habitat, including barrier beach, dune, tidal estuary, salt marsh, and rocky coastline.

15.It is separated from the Caribbean by a barrier beach that at times is but 200 yards wide.

16.The final environmental impact statement on Lease Sale 181, written by MMS, suggests no long-term impact to barrier beaches.

17.Suffolk County has a long maritime history with several outer barrier beaches and hundreds of square miles of waterways.

18.In 1938, almost all summer homes on its barrier beach were obliterated by a hurricane resulting in twenty-nine local deaths.

19.To the north, Saquish Neck serves as another barrier beach protecting the bay and is almost seven miles in length.

20.Plymouth Beach guards Plymouth Harbor and mostly consists of a three-mile ( 5 km ) long, ecologically significant barrier beach.

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