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English-Hindi > barrier beach" sentence in Hindi

barrier beach in a sentence

21.On our first trip we finally found them on a shallow flat against the barrier beach on the pond's west end.

22.Two or three times a year, the barrier beach that separates Tisbury Great Pond from the ocean is breached by man.

23.On September 21, 1938, The Hurricane of 1938 swept the barrier beach clean of houses and irreparably damaged the Weekapaug Inn.

24.The first lawsuit, against Suffolk County, was filed in 1984 by property owners who had formed the Barrier Beach Preservation Association.

25.This led many affluent individuals and families to reside at Babylon's seaside resorts, both on the mainland and on barrier beach islands.

26.The strip of the barrier beach that drifted south after the break eventually attached to the mainland through a bridge of sand.

27.The message was intended to announce a voluntary evacuation order for Fire Island, a barrier beach community threatened by Tropical Storm Hermine.

28.It is a barrier beach, defined by sand dunes, rosa ragusa, and Plymouth, the only land area where the two towns meet.

29.The Dorset coastline contains a great variety of coastal landforms, including cliffs, bays, headlands, a large natural harbour and a barrier beach.

30.They rowed for safety, encountering the harbor formed by the current Duxbury and Plymouth barrier beaches and stumbling on land in the darkness.

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