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English-Hindi > be intimate" sentence in Hindi

be intimate in a sentence

11.Sorenstam never seems to be intimated by her surroundings.

12.The restaurant was designed to be intimate and comfortable.

13.Young people may have physical sex, but it may not be intimate sex.

14.It needed to be intimate, accessible, and have depth . . ..

15.Yet, most movies coming out of Hollywood look too perfect to be intimate.

16.Organizers wanted the Olympics to be intimate with the venues close to one another.

17.She becomes very withdrawn, telling nobody and refusing to be intimate with Mick.

18.To each community the prairie may be intimate, but its dominant characteristic is expanse.

19."We'd like it to be intimate and not be a scene.

20.Entertaining would be intimate, although she insisted on a television in nearly every room.

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