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English-Hindi > be intimate" sentence in Hindi

be intimate in a sentence

21.Ask me to be intimate, and I'll automatically start writing about Alexandria.

22.Though the stars were rumored to be intimate off the set, both deny it.

23.:You seem to be intimating that your comments weren't hurtful to me.

24.Afterwards, Thorne was frustrated by Caroline's hesitancy to be intimate with him.

25.One issue led part of the storyline showed Hannah wanting to be intimate with Andy.

26.He has been more candid recently, saying he would not be intimated by the media.

27.And to be intimate with others.

28."That meant the album had to be intimate, and it wasn't.

29.But the information the government obtains need not be intimate to constitute a violation of privacy.

30.Can you be intimate or not?

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