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English-Hindi > be intimate" sentence in Hindi

be intimate in a sentence

31.But who'd want to be intimate with these people is anybody's guess.

32."We can't be intimated by Fiji, " said Fabien Pelous.

33.Simultaneously, if possible, the revised time limit shall also be intimated to the applicant.

34.By century's end, the dominant strain in French landscape would be intimate and meditative.

35.Charles disclaims any designs on her, noting that Joseph and the lady seem to be intimate.

36.Besides that, you could probably just give her a nice massage, and still be intimate.

37.Jacqui and Rhys marry but their relationship is problematic because Jacqui does not want to be intimate.

38.Instead both of them go to Bombay, rent a room, and decide to be intimate.

39.Nathan cannot feel the pain of Jordan's touch so she can be intimate with him.

40.When Marcos tries to be intimate to his wife, the dog gets jealous and attacks him.

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