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English-Hindi > be intimate" sentence in Hindi

be intimate in a sentence

41."We can't be intimated by Fiji, " the second-rower said.

42.When they return to the hotel room, Ray wants to be intimate, but Mirabelle rejects him.

43.Because that ballpark may be intimate, but it can look awfully big from down there on the grass.

44.If a community is to be intimate, I hate to tell you, it must exclude some people.

45."It's not difficult to make this sushi at home . " Don't be intimated.

46.Safety concerns will keep them closer to home, and holiday parties will be intimate gatherings instead of lavish celebrations.

47.And we wanted it to be intimate enough so that there is a real connection between the audience and performers.

48.Both were virgins at the time, and find it physically impossible to be intimate when that magical moment arrives.

49.It is not necessary to know a person well or be intimate with them to kiss them on the cheek.

50.At an impromptu engagement party thrown by Frankie, John Paul and Craig hide upstairs and begin to be intimate.

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