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English-Hindi > beanpole" sentence in Hindi

beanpole in a sentence

21.But he's a 6-foot-9 beanpole who struggled against better players at the Sydney Olympics.

22.Now, Fashion Group has diversified Beanpole into different lines of children s clothing, outdoor clothing, and accessories.

23.And though he knows the guilt he harbors about Beanpole makes no sense, he also knows logic doesn't matter.

24.Soon to be 26, the Czech beanpole has only participated in three career Slams, and he remains winless in them.

25.Those who remember Maier as a teen recall a gawky beanpole with ski talent to spare but little strength, quickness without power.

26.I was a beanpole . " When a seamstress brought her to tears, she told her mother she wanted to go home.

27.When 11, he drove at Curtly Ambrose and the beanpole Antiguan could not clutch to sharp chance to his right on follow through.

28.After years of savoring for super rookie Marlou Aquino, he finally got the 6'9 beanpole as top draft pick of 1996.

29.A middle-aged beanpole from North Carolina with knee-dirty tight jeans, a ball cap and bifocals easily out-paces me.

30.Looking up, way up, at the beanpole kid, Raines said : " Man, you are a big unit ."

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