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English-Hindi > bessel function" sentence in Hindi

bessel function in a sentence

11.For the spherical Bessel functions the orthogonality relation is:

12.Why cloud the charm of a Chladni plate with a Bessel function ?"

13.Where I _ v ( \ kappa ) is the modified Bessel function.

14.For more general distributions the asymptotic distribution can be expressed as a Bessel function.

15.There is a basis for solutions of this differential equation that are Bessel functions.

16.The Fourier Bessel series expansion employs aperiodic and decaying Bessel functions as the basis.

17.The wave functions are given by Bessel functions.

18.The analogous identities for modified Bessel functions are

19.Here } } denotes the Bessel function of the first kind with order } }.

20.For large, the spherical Bessel functions decay as, giving the radiated field above.

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