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English-Hindi > bessel function" sentence in Hindi

bessel function in a sentence

21.:Expansion in spherical Bessel functions would be more appropriate for domains of this kind.

22.To do so, the argument must be smaller than the order of the Bessel function.

23.The solutions for a "'circular "'drum do involve Bessel functions.

24.One of the first tasks to which it was put was the calculation of Bessel functions.

25.The Fourier representation of radial functions involves Bessel functions, so these appear naturally as coefficients.

26.The influence of the transfer function may be minimized by reducing the value of the Bessel function.

27.Are Bessel functions and r _ { 12 } is the distance between the two line charges.

28.The Hankel transform can express a fairly arbitrary function as an integral of Bessel functions of different scales.

29.Thus, we use the zeros of the spherical Bessel functions to find the energy spectrum and wavefunctions.

30.If is held fixed at a non-zero value, then the Bessel functions are entire functions of.

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