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English-Hindi > bessel" sentence in Hindi

bessel in a sentence

41.In 1995, John Goossens succeeds Bessel Kok as the head of Belgacom.

42.Bessel added that light employs 10.3 years to traverse this distance.

43.In 1940, " Bessel " was requisitioned by the Kriegsmarine.

44.The radial equation is Bessel's equation as can be seen below.

45.For more general distributions the asymptotic distribution can be expressed as a Bessel function.

46.Encke sent his calculations as a note to Gauss, Olbers, and Bessel.

47.The poet Adelbert von Chamisso and the astronomer Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel were his godparents.

48.Bessels later considered mounting his own Arctic expedition, but eventually decided against it.

49.The Bessel filter maximizes the flatness of the group delay curve at zero frequency.

50.There is a basis for solutions of this differential equation that are Bessel functions.

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