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English-Hindi > bilking" sentence in Hindi

bilking in a sentence

41.Hubbell was referring to his pending 21-month prison sentence for bilking his law firm and clients.

42.Hubbell pleaded guilty to bilking his old law firm and its clients of nearly $ 500, 000.

43.Tell them the FBI estimates there are 14, 000 illegal telemarketing operations bilking thousands of victims daily.

44.She also is accused of bilking the couple of another $ 65, 000 in falsely claimed expenses.

45.The slick duo schemes to take control of the company by bilking Deeds out of his stock shares.

46.In April 2001, Manton went to the Duke police and accused the two men of bilking him.

47.Hubbell has been sentenced to prison for bilking his partners in the Rose law firm in Little Rock.

48.He also admitted to bilking legitimate winners out of $ 92, 500 with his duplicate ticket scheme.

49.Last month, he was sentenced to 21 months in prison for bilking clients of the Rose Law Firm.

50.Hubbell served time in prison for bilking his clients and former law partners of almost $ 400, 000.

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