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English-Hindi > bilks" sentence in Hindi

bilks in a sentence

41.It became a key venue for the trad jazz revival, hosting gigs by Chris Barber and Acker Bilk.

42.Character update : Still married, but seeing a spiritual guru who bilks the trusting couple out of their money.

43.Two former church members who admitted helping bilk investors out of tens of millions of dollars were sentenced to prison.

44.Several singles recorded by Bilk reached the British pop charts, including the ballad " Stranger on the Shore ".

45.The Bilk Church is situated opposite side of St . Martinus Hospital at the intersection Gladbacher Stra�e / Volmerswerther Stra�e.

46.From 1983 he played with the Pizza Express All Stars and, in 1992, returned to playing with Bilk.

47.Not Jimmy Swaggart tramp-in-a-motel trouble, not Jim Bakker bilk-the-believers trouble.

48.Max Conners and her daughter Page's scheme to bilk gullible, horny men has been honed to a science.

49.The mine owners they bilk are just as heartless; they would rather throw money at the problem than investigate it.

50.Swedish officials are seeking the extradition of man accused of trying to bilk a Stockholm bank out of dlrs 50 million.

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