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English-Hindi > block and tackle" sentence in Hindi

block and tackle in a sentence

11.Lead was hoisted to the top of the tower using block and tackle and oxen.

12.A dozen men with blocks and tackle not being able even to turn it over.

13.The team that blocks and tackles wins the ballgame.

14.Handling its big timbers is all about working with block and tackle, and a sledgehammer.

15.Under Aliotti, the Bruins had trouble with the basics : alignments, assignments, shedding blocks and tackling.

16.A block and tackle system amplifies the tension force in the rope to lift heavy loads.

17.A team of crane or block and tackle.

18.It showed in unforced errors such as bad snaps, missed blocks and tackles and dropped balls.

19.During the night, the Americans hauled mountain guns to the crater's edge with block and tackle.

20.This is smashmouth basketball and the team that blocks and tackles best is probably going to win.

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