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English-Hindi > block and tackle" sentence in Hindi

block and tackle in a sentence

31.Frankly, we are too busy trying to block and tackle and hit passes to be involved in a social issue.

32.Such equipment included heavy anchors for kedging ( hauling ) ships off reefs, heavy hawsers and chain, blocks and tackle.

33.The builders would have made extensive use of cranes and block and tackle pulleys to lift the stones into place.

34.The use of block and tackle or capstan winch is common to handle line sets that have significantly unbalanced loads.

35.She returned to England with her father suffering a serious head injury when hit by a falling block and tackle.

36.He used wooden planks and a block and tackle system to move the stones and to set them in place.

37.By looping more ropes around more pulleys we can construct a block and tackle to continue to increase the mechanical advantage.

38.They block and tackle and maim the quarterback and usually undergo a half-dozen knee surgeries during the course of their career.

39.So what if the blockers and the tacklers don't block and tackle so well in their last game of the season?

40.Until the creek was controlled, no road could be built, and it was necessary to lower materials by block and tackle.

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