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English-Hindi > block and tackle" sentence in Hindi

block and tackle in a sentence

41.This may take the form of a block and tackle linking a low point on the reaching or running without lifting.

42.Following the offloading of equipment, the components were hauled up the road with manual labour using horses and block and tackle.

43.Most pirate wealth was accumulated by selling of chandlery items : ropes, sails, and block and tackle stripped from captured ships.

44.Reeves wants and should be given greater latitude in determining who runs, who catches, who passes, blocks and tackles for the Giants.

45.The barrel wagon was guided into place using the same rails and two block and tackles were attached to the barrel clamp.

46.These misadventures involve block and tackle, purloined statuary and a harebrained scheme to drug and kidnap a cougar from a local nature preserve.

47."To win games, you've got to play strong defense, run the ball, block and tackle, et cetera, " said Cardinals Coach Vince Tobin.

48.In this bar you can get your picture taken while hanging upside down from a block and tackle, like you're a dead billfish.

49.Originally, men or horses and block and tackle were used to provide mechanical advantage to drag the cradle and vessel up the slipway.

50.The ideal mechanical advantage of the block and tackle is equal to the number of parts of the rope that support the moving block.

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