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English-Hindi > by jove" sentence in Hindi

by jove in a sentence

11.After a decade of battles with video pirates and foreign bureaucrats, a six-employee company called Films By Jove is on the verge of becoming a Hollywood player.

12.But, by Jove, those youngsters will have to pledge allegiance every day to the U . S . and Texas flags and bow their heads in silence.

13.The second dubbing-in ( " Alice and the Mystery of the Third Planet " ) was released in the 1990th years by the Films by Jove company.

14.Others on the list include MTV, Ohio quartz maker Sawyer Research Co ., the Subway sandwich company and Russian animated films distributor Films by Jove, based in California.

15."And it came from a new song, actually a short phrase I wrote " By Jove, by George, by Jeeves,'which Andrew set to music and then expanded on ."

16.The premier, Jacques Parizeau, 64, speaks impeccable English with an upper-class British accent, sprinkling his speech with expressions of yesteryear like " by Jove " and " humbug ."

17.On 11 April 2007, Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov announced that he was in the final stages of negotiating a price with Films by Jove to buy back the collection.

18."' Laurien Gardner "'is the collective pseudonym of a group of female authors writing a series of Henry VIII . All books published by Jove Books, part of Penguin Books.

19.The expected payouts never materialized because Films by Jove never posted any net profits; all of the money officially went to things such as new soundtracks, lawsuits and copy protection measures.

20.The collection includes the essay " By Jove ! ", the source of the Asimov misquote describing the Solar System ( besides the Sun ) as " Jupiter plus debris ".

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