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English-Hindi > cable railway" sentence in Hindi

cable railway in a sentence

11.There are plans for future development to enhance tourism, including hotels and a cable railway line to Mt.

12.The construction of a cable railway between Ligerz and Pr�les in 1912 turned it into a minor tourist destination.

13.When the Brake was again closed in 1986, it was the last standard gauge cable railway operating in the UK.

14.Numerous streetcar Hoboken Inclined Cable Railway, originated / terminated at the station until bustitution was completed on August 7, 1949.

15.An old cable railway constructed by Stanko Bloudek is also part of Slovene culture heritage and was completely restored in 2014.

16.Built in 1974, the cable railway was one of the first of its kind with a tunnel passing through a mountainside.

17.The, referred to as, is a cable railway line owned and operated by the Kintetsu Railway, a Japanese major private railway.

18.Two cars on a historic cable railway in downtown Los Angeles collided Thursday, killing one person and injuring seven, authorities said.

19.A specific type of cable railway is the funicular, which is a cable railway with the cars permanently fixed to the cable.

20.Two cars on a historic cable railway in downtown Los Angeles collided Thursday, injuring eight people, three of them critically, authorities said.

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