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English-Hindi > cable railway" sentence in Hindi

cable railway in a sentence

21.Shortly after, in self-defence, he kills Suzy's ex-husband by throwing him out from a cable railway, and has to return to jail.

22.Workers on a nearby cable railway heard the shot, discovered the dying bird and gave descriptions allowing those responsible to be identified.

23.The Denver City Railway Company, finally having serious competition, also switched to cable-power and reorganized as the Denver City Cable Railway Company.

24.A specific type of cable railway is the funicular, which is a cable railway with the cars permanently fixed to the cable.

25.The train consists of 1, 351 km broad gauge cable railway and a connecting 2, 635 km standard gauge electronic adhesion railway.

26.The Whitby and Pickering Railway was opened in 1836, with the incline from Beckhole to Goathland worked as a rope hauled cable railway.

27.The cable railway would exchange transfers at First and Belmont so that its patrons could travel from downtown all the way to Colegrove.

28.The Barton Coal Company plane ( or cable railway ) was built in 1854 and was engineered by O . D . Robbins.

29.Both the Denver Tramway and the Denver City Cable Railway Company were well equipped and determined to drive the other out of business.

30.The company also operates the " Augustusburg Cable Railway ", a funicular railway that connects Erdmannsdorf-Augustusburg on the Zschopautalbahn with the town of Augustusburg.

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