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English-Hindi > cable railway" sentence in Hindi

cable railway in a sentence

31.It may include cars on rails or pulled up by a cable system; a funicular or cable railway, such as the Johnstown Inclined Plane.

32.This move was very unpopular with both the Denver City Railway Company and the remaining investors in the Denver Electric and Cable Railway Company.

33.During summer months a little information centre is open in Estany Gento, and a cable railway runs in the higher valley of Torre de Cabdella.

34.While the cable grips used in the original cable railways were manually operated, requiring considerable skill and strength, modern cable grips tend to be automatic.

35.In November 1893, the Denver City Cable Railway Company went into receivership and reorganized under the slightly different title The Denver City Cable Railroad Company.

36.One of the major users of the limestone, based at Sandbach, closed in 1920, and the cable railway to Froghall closed in the same year.

37.Beaudry also invested in the Second Street Cable Railway " cable cars " for people traveling up and down the hills of central Los Angeles.

38.With its demise, the Second Street Cable Railway had the distinction of being the first cable railway in the United States to go out of business.

39.Many cable railways connect to conventional adhesion lines at their top and bottom, allowing trains to be lifted from a lower line to a higher one.

40.Its track and rolling stock was British-built by WGH Engineering of Old Edlington, who were in the coal-mining area near Doncaster and experienced in cable railways.

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