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English-Hindi > cable railway" sentence in Hindi

cable railway in a sentence

41.With its demise, the Second Street Cable Railway had the distinction of being the first cable railway in the United States to go out of business.

42.It can be reached by foot or car and, since July 2008, also via the new funicular railway built to replace the old Schlossberg cable railway.

43.At the station of Erdmannsdorf-Augustusburg, the line connects with the Augustusburg Cable Railway, a funicular railway that links to the town of Augustusburg on the hill above.

44.A cable railway and a racecourse were constructed in Rauschen before World War I . Otto Nicolai and Thomas Mann were among the celebrities who stayed there.

45.Cable railways generally have two tracks with loaded wagons on one track partially balanced by empty wagons on the other, to minimise fuel costs for the stationary engine.

46.Trinkl and his brother had set up a cable railway to transport logs, but the apparatus jammed and a log smashed the skier's leg, the Austria Press Agency reported.

47.A cable railway, the Corkickle Brake, was opened in 1881 to connect the pits at the top of the steep incline to the railway line in Whitehaven town below.

48.Initially, Colonel Ginger had proposed that his cable railway would lift a Pacific Electric car directly to the summit, but Henry E . Huntington did not approve of this scheme.

49.The victims were inside two of the cabins which hurtled down the cable railway at the foot of Phra That Doi Suthep temple in northern Thailand Sunday, the Bangkok Post said.

50._Accessibility to the resort is hampered by the fact that only one main road takes skiers into the valley station where they can take the cable railway up to the slopes.

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