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English-Hindi > cable rate" sentence in Hindi

cable rate in a sentence

1.A second effort early in 1994 pushed cable rates down 17 percent.

2.And cable rates have soared at an estimated 7 percent per year.

3.He was also active as a consumer advocate opposing cable rate increases.

4._Remove regulation of cable rates within six months, except for basic services.

5.Consumer advocacy groups were concerned about the deal's impact on cable rates.

6.Because of all the new competition, most cable rates would be deregulated.

7.I think this will result in lower telephone rates, lower cable rates.

8.The government reduced basic cable rates by 17 percent last year.

9.The combined 8.7 cable rating is the equivalent of a 6.5 broadcast rating.

10.Consumer advocacy groups have petitioned the FCC to freeze cable rates.

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