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English-Hindi > cable rate" sentence in Hindi

cable rate in a sentence

11.Lower cable rates, he said, will come " in time ."

12.Thierer predicts " some capitulation on cable rates, some loosening on media concentration.

13.The industry weekly Broadcasting & Cable rates Sinclair as the 11th-largest station owner.

14.They proposed lifting cable rate caps only when new competitors enter a market.

15.A third Markey amendment, which would have limited cable rate increases, did not pass.

16.The industry weekly Broadcasting & amp; Cable rates Sinclair as the 11th-largest station owner.

17.They remove cable rate controls, and let broadcasters own more radio and TV stations.

18.The bill we are now considering deregulates all cable rates.

19.The FCC is also watching out for rising cable rates.

20.Cable rates do tend to go up more frequently, at least once a year.

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