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English-Hindi > cable rate" sentence in Hindi

cable rate in a sentence

31.That will help offset the FCC's cable rate rollbacks.

32.Proponents of deregulation argue that the competition unleashed by the bill will curb cable rates.

33.It removes most cable rate controls, and lets broadcasters own more radio and TV stations.

34.And government data show cable rates going up twice as fast as programming cost increases.

35.Each cable rating point equals 880, 000 households.

36.Cable rates are currently set by state regulators.

37.Nevertheless, consumer groups denounced the bill as a corporate boon that would send cable rates soaring.

38.Consumer advocacy groups have petitioned the FCC to freeze cable rates until the problem is resolved.

39.Since 1996, cable rates have increased 35 percent.

40.Monthly TV cable rates typically exceed $ 23.

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