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English-Hindi > cable rate" sentence in Hindi

cable rate in a sentence

41.Cable rates began climbing almost immediately after President Clinton signed the telecommunications law in February 1996.

42.For weeks, industry lobbyists and lawmakers have been predicting a political bargain on cable rate regulation.

43.Each cable rating point represents 225, 000 homes.

44.Consumer groups called for a freeze on cable rates, and the Federal Communications Commission is considering it.

45.You think cable rates are too high?

46.Cable rates are rising 8 percent to 10 percent, more than four times the pace of inflation.

47.Nobody said anything about lowering cable rates.

48.And cable rates have soared 21 percent.

49.Woody does not raise our cable rates.

50.The combined 8 . 7 cable rating is the equivalent of a 6 . 5 broadcast rating.

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