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English-Hindi > caesura" sentence in Hindi

caesura in a sentence

41.They want something different, conceivably uplifting, or at least challenging, and therefore there has to be kind of a caesura.

42.Stated another way, an iambic word ( like ??? at Il . 1.1 ) should not precede the midline caesura.

43.The long syllable at the close of the first half of the verse always ends a word, giving rise to a caesura.

44.In classical Greek and Latin poetry a caesura is the juncture where one word ends and the following word begins within a foot.

45.The Raven, for example, breaks into two half-lines of approximately 8 syllables, generally with a caesura between them.

46.It lies in the unbroken rhythm of living at peace, where the hour of armistice _ that painful caesura _ is almost forgotten.

47.There are several caesuras, but the overall impression is of one unbroken chord progression, managed by a kind of compositional circular breathing.

48.In modern European poetry, a caesura is defined as a natural phrase end, especially when occurring in the middle of a line.

49.Shakespeare and John Milton ( in his work before " Paradise Lost " ) at times employed feminine endings before a caesura.

50.The American soundtrack album included a James Bond-type introduction to the song, followed by a caesura just before the opening lyric.

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